About the Author

Dr. Debi Toporoff, author of “OOPS! Wrong Family” spent her time as a Nurse in Psychiatry for over 36 years. She is also a toy-maker, motivational speaker, and an award winning writer.

She has a bachelor’s degree on Sociology from the University of Carolina, master’s degree in health services administration from the University of Central Michigan and a master’s degree in theology and doctor of ministry from the Life School of Theology.

The southern-flavored author has launched an adorable and cuddly friend to add to our reading pleasure, Roscoe Possum.

“Roscoe Goes to the Gym” joined her other books in publication; “OOPS! Wrong Family”, and “When God Came Down”.

Dr. Toporoff has also released, “Here Fishy Fishy!”, “Who parked the Ark?” and “Roscoe Meets Gramps the Catfish”.

Dr. Toporoff blends her passion for serving Christ into her southern-flavored style of simple living with a significant message about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the eyes of children experiencing His Love.

Debi Toporoff nació en Stuart, Florida, ha estado en el campo de la salud mental por más de treinta años. Recibió un grado de bachillerato en sociología de la Universidad de Carolina del Sur, una maestría en administración de servicios de salud de la Universidad Central de Michigan, una maestría en teología y un doctorado en ministerio de la Escuela de Vida en Teología. Ella tiene una hija y vive en Beech Island, Carolina del Sur.


To all of you who have inspired and encouraged me to write to the needs of readers across the wonderful land of ours, I thank you.

It would also be of great pleasure to acknowledge my layout and design editor, Cynthia Lowery-Ford of CLF Enterprises in Suwanee, Georgia. She has helped me combine wit and wisdom into a developed style, all my own, by allowing me to “write it my way.” She gets this from our Awesome God!

To Rebecca Magnotta-Easley, who truly encouraged me and gave a listening ear throughout the writing of this book. She makes me laugh.