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Here is the best marketing campaign I’ve seen.
Author Debi Toporoff of www.visionaryminitries.org has laid out a very effective marketing campaign for her books. Her first book, “opps! Wrong Family” was her story of child abuse through the eyes of a child, her eyes. This personal journey into the dark theme of child abuse has taken its toll on Debi. But blessed by her faith as she wrote, she was healing and the end result was a beautiful, well written book with a powerful message for us all.

WOW! talking to her about her love and passion for what she does will knock you off your feet if you aren’t prepared. She works full time and still makes time to do mission work in Africa. She takes her Faith and lives with the natives to be a part of them and thus making her mission of delivering the word very effective.

Her book “OOPS! Wrong Family” was first published in English, Then she followed up with it by having it translated into Spanish, opening up a whole new market. As if this wasn’t a fantastic marketing achievement, Debi then turn the main character of her book, “Roscoe go to the Gym” into a real stuffed possum doll that talks! I have one and it is the greatest marketing tool. YES, I said it talks. Now we all don’t have a need for our main characters to come to life and talk……BUT if you’re writing a children’s book this is something that needs to be looked into.

To hear “Roscoe” talk go to www.visionaryminitries.org . This Roscoe is a rascal. I love the fact that this talking doll is a key element to the marketing of the book. Debi looked on the internet for a company that made stuff toys. Low and behold she found a company that fit the bill. Now don’t think that everybody is going to do this. This is NOT for the faint hearted. The price is high. Debi is marketing just like the big boys. Disney move over and let Debi have some room. Please if you have a child or grandbaby look into buying “Roscoe go to the Gym” and the Roscoe doll.

This is an heir loom gift for generations to come.
Leon Mentzer

Leon Mentzer

A Haunting Story of Abuse, Redemption, and Recovery Dr. Debi Toporoff tells a disturbing story of a childhood of parental abuse. It is her desire to help other victims, and survivors experience wholeness. Debi’s is a story of redemption and recovery. It is story of survival, of working through the pain and suffering of physical abuse. She tells of a father’s neglect, and a mother’s irrational behavior. Debi graphically relates alarming stories of her mother’s tirades and the consequence of the beatings that followed.

She describes the feelings of mistrust, insecurity, worthlessness, inadequacy and the pain of loneliness. Debi’s early life and personal dysfunction was the result of the effects of abuse, parental rejection, the damage of being berated, the emotional scars of continuous isolation, and of the failure of her parents as caregivers to provide needed food and clothing.

Along the way several foster families, caring teachers, and co-workers helped Debi learn to trust, to reach out in love, and to understand the message of Jesus, his forgiveness, unconditional love, and hope. This is a story of rejection, redemption, and renewal.

Today abuse is being accepted as a major social problem, and is recognized as the cause of scores of people’s suffering and the personal problems they encounter. Authorities are now facing up to the prevalence and significance of child abuse, physical, sexual, and emotional, and of the potential long term psychological and mental behavioral issues that stem from these abusive experiences.

It is Debi’s concern that through the telling of her personal story the hurt of those dealing with the memory and pain of abuse will be eased. It is also her prayer that the book will minister to those looking to understand what children suffering from abuse have experienced . “Oops! Wrong Family” is disturbing, haunting, and memorable. The book is a testimony of survival and of emotional pain healed through God’s redemptive love and salvation. It communicates an important message, and is a rewarding read. Highly recommended.

Debi Toporoff

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